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Welcome to Annihilation Guild for Mu Origins

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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:06 pm

Hello, i congratulate you in making it this far; I know there is a bunch of reading but you can do it! This is the rules post, If you wish to join you must go by them at all times. Well, of course some flexibility will be handed out seeing as i can't be a stick in the mud ALL of the time

1. Attitude. If you're going to be in this guild you will NOT have an attitude with Admins or the Owner(Laanceer) Admins are "Nukes,Jota,Bam,GreekSD,Goat,Surtr"
2. Scamming - If you are caught scamming, or someone brings it to my attention(Of course with evidence) You will be banned on the spot. I do NOT tolerate scammers.. Considering i have had to deal with them in the past.
3. Arguments - If you and someone from the Guild are in a dispute. The situation should at all times be handled through whispers and whisper ONLY! I will NOT tolerate any form of argument in the Guild . As well as we do not care about your drama.. Simple as that!
6. Trolling other guilds/ Slander / Roar battling - NONE! I repeat NONE!!! Of this is WILL be banned on THE spot NO acceptions!!
7. Begging - This has got to be one of the most annoying things ever. Do not beg for gear..Because you WON'T get it.we share all drops see next rule
8. Raiding - All drops that we get will go directly to guild storage until a drop table has been formally made.. If you steal a drop you will be KICKED and REPORTED for stealing. (I'm hoping reporting someone that drop steals is allowed)
9. And last but not least, have fun and relax.. Joking is allowed but don't take it to extremes. Carry around a smile and just have fun! =) That's what we're all about.
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Guild Rules
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