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Welcome to Annihilation Guild for Mu Origins

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 About Annihilation

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PostSubject: About Annihilation   Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:11 pm

About "Annihilation"

Many things have happened over the past. I've watched many people, and many guilds grow larger. Over these years i watched guild masters and finally thought "One day, when i have the tools to make an official guild.
I will! And so here i am today before everyone on Origin1-Eu I present to you Annihilation.

This is going to be different than before. I now have everything i require in order to make this one of the best guilds i possibly can, and of course with the help of friends and guild mates i can achieve my goals. I believe that if i work hard enough this will be one of the most active guilds on Origin1-Eu

the rewards you ask? Decent. The people you say? Friendly, Active and sharing. These are the three traits i am looking for in ALL of my guild members no matter what.

Currently the recruitment level is at level rebirth 6. But of course with time and patience we will grow, and so will the level limit so if you're interested in joining pay an eye to the requirements! As we grow i also plan to do Raids! We will be attending EVERY World Boss Including Boss Castle; even if not done so much. We will also be doing Wars! Yes indeed Wars. Of course i will not be scheduling a war without the other guilds say so, so every Guild War that we schedule will be posted here.
This is going to take time, and LOTS of work. I believe I and my Guild members can achieve this!

Thank you for reading.

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About Annihilation
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