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Welcome to Annihilation Guild for Mu Origins

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 Guild Requirements

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PostSubject: Guild Requirements   Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:09 pm


Welcome to the final post! i promise Here you will find the requirements for joining us!
1. Be active! Since we are a Guild based on Helping, Raiding, Warring,Sharing and so on so forth; I require all of my guild members to have a minimum of ONE log in per day, as well as being on for OVER and hour per day so i know you are truly dedicated
2. You must be FRIENDLY. Guild members must be willing to help, and must have patience. As things can get hectic at times; So be sure you're capable of handling tough situations and always keeping a smile on!
3. Willing to raid and/or war. This Guild has wars ENABLED meaning we WILL war people! Yes you heard it! If you are not willing to be part of these two then you don't deserve to be in the Guild. We are not a storage for people to join and not work for their items. If you join, WORK for your gears and dedicate yourself to it. Otherwise you will end up gearless .
4.Never refuse PT in DS or CM,Always Free Loot on,always post all drops in Guild chat if you dont you will be banned
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Guild Requirements
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